How It Works

Step 1: Consultation

We will meet the client at the location where the services are requested and discuss the goals the client would like to accomplish in the space. We will ask probing questions and discuss the clients personal style and desires. Pictures and measurements are taken at this time.

Step 2: Review the Design and Agreement

After the consultation, if the client decides to move forward with the decorating process, a design concept that includes furniture, paint samples/wallpaper and fabric swatches are presented. We will discuss any questions that you have about the design. An agreement will be signed and a deposit will be made. After going through the design concepts. The order process will begin.

Step 3: Installation and Reveal

Now that the agreement has been signed, its time for the fun to begin! The installation process begins and your dream space will be created. We will be here to answer any questions along the way. It is asked that the designer is allowed a full day or assigned time alone with the space to add all the finishing touches. Once installation is complete, the client is presented with the reveal of their dream space!